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Is Art College For Me?

Why would an Indian girl want to be an artist, instead of inspiring to be a doctor or an engineer? This was the reaction I expected from my family of engineers, when I announced visual arts as my major. You see, I always used to worry showing my love for art. My good grades in other classes also didn’t help.

Like you, I was choosy about colors in my room, my clothing style, okey, even the kitchenware. My parents encouraged me to participate in home design and furniture decisions. They took me to Vatican, Louvre and Guggenheim. I really didn’t paint a masterpiece after those visits. We never talked about art as an undergraduate major or a career.

In Grade 9 Summer, I was to attend Thalassemia Day celebrations at Indian Red Cross Center. Having visited it earlier, I felt like arranging an activity for them. I was told either a sport or coloring activity will be appreciated. I love both. I chose to have sketch and coloring activities for about 30 kids, age 4-20. I saw kids enjoying their time. Forgetting for few hours their pain and truly enjoying life as a normal kid. Their parents laughing with them. I had heard of Art Therapy. I felt like I witnessed its power for a while. I felt like art had other purposes also. It’s ability to touch our souls was impressive. I enjoyed Psychology, if not for the by-heart word-by-word teaching in Indian schools. Could Art and Psychology offer an insight into the human mind and soul?

This started a question repeatedly lurking in my head, Is Art School for me?

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